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In , Sorkin founded "DealBook," an online daily financial report published by the Times. Sorkin is also an assistant editor of business and finance news for the paper. Sorkin has broken news of major mergers and acquisitions , including Chase's acquisition of J. Morgan and Hewlett-Packard 's acquisition of Compaq.

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Sorkin has reported on the Wall Street financial crisis , including the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers , and the government bailout of other major investment banks and AIG. He has also written about the troubled American auto industry. In , Sorkin was one of the first journalists to identify and criticize a tax loophole for private equity firms and hedge funds. In , Sorkin wrote a series of columns criticizing American corporations for trying to lower their US tax bill by merging with smaller foreign companies in a transaction known as an "inversion".

On September 22, , the Obama Administration changed the tax laws to make it more difficult for US companies to merge to avoid taxes.

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Sorkin also hosted a weekly seven-part, half-hour PBS talk-show series called It's the Economy, NY , which focused on how the evolving economic crisis was affecting New Yorkers. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

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  • The film was directed by Curtis Hanson and the screenplay was written by Peter Gould. Sorkin was a co-producer of the film and had a cameo appearance as a reporter. Sorkin married Pilar Jenny Queen on June 9, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American journalist and author. Main article: Too Big to Fail book.

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    The New York Times. Sigma Pi Fraternity, International. Retrieved New York Times. White House. Retrieved 14 October The Telegraph. Archived from the original on 9 May Archived from the original on 20 May Archived from the original on Vanity Fair. Wall Street Journal.

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    Talking Biz News. June 29, Retrieved February 3, The miniseries : The miniseries gives most of its character attention to Yossarian and Milo, though it does fit in some screentime to the likes of Major Major Major Major and Nately. The book : Like the other men, Yossarian fraternizes with the women on base and in Rome, often falling for them instantly.

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    He develops the closest thing to a relationship with Nurse Duckett, after getting handsy with her in a hospital. The miniseries : Nurse Duckett is framed more as a non-romantic sounding board for Yossarian, especially as he considers her one of the few sane people on the base.

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    The book : Nately dies during a midair accident after a successful bomb run, in which one American plane hits another and kills 12 men in total. The miniseries : Before going off on a mission, Nately announces that he wants to get married to Clara, the woman he has been seen with in previous episodes, and asks Yossarian to be his best man. But Nately dies after the back of their plane is blown out, another instance in which Yossarian witnesses death firsthand.

    The book : Toward the very end of the book, Yossarian is given a way out of the war by Colonel Korn and Colonel Cathcart, who essentially want him to stop protesting the war on base — all Yossarian has to do is go home and speak highly of the colonels and of the war effort. Yossarian takes the deal, and is close to being sent home, before Scheisskopf contests the discharge and rules against the agreement that was initially made between Colonel Cathcart and Yossarian.

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    The book : Throughout the story, Yossarian has time away from the hell of combat, but nothing like what happens at the end of episode five of Catch The miniseries : After being wounded in the groin and parachuting out of a crashing plane flown by his tent mate Orr, Yossarian lands in the Italian countryside and at the beginning of episode six is nursed back to shape by the locals. The sequence plays out like a dream — with Yossarian even meeting an Italian woman with whom he forms an emotional connection — until Aarfy and some MPs retrieve him.

    Only toward the end of the book does Heller give a vivid recounting of what happened, as Yossarian tries to help the young tail gunner but is thwarted by missing supplies taken by Milo and his misunderstanding of which wound needs bandaging. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out.