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Bg4 is the most popular of Black's 5th-move options, pinning the f3-knight and weakening White's control of the centre, but it is not one of the more theoretically challenging options. White generally kicks the bishop immediately with 6. Then after Bxf3 7.

Blackmar diemer gambit [Traps]

Qxf3 c6 Nc6 runs into 7. Bb5 White chooses between the solid 8. Be3, defending d4, 8. Qf2, and the bolder 8. Instead Black can retreat the bishop with Bh5, whereupon 7. Ne5 usually follows. White will follow up with Bf1-g2 and h3-h4 in most cases, threatening h4-h5, and White's pressure provides sufficient compensation for the pawn. Other 5th moves for Black are not too challenging, e. Nc6 6. Bb5, Qd6 6. This is generally known as the Euwe Defence and it is solid but rather passive. Play usually continues 6.

Blackmar diemer gambit [Traps] - Chess Only

Bg5 Be7 and White can choose between 7. Bd3 and 7. I think 7. Qd2 is the more promising of the two options, since I'm not sure about White's compensation in the 7.

Chess Openings: Blackmar Diemer Gambit

Bd3 Nc6 variation, counterattacking against d4, where White has to either spend a tempo with 8. Qd2 Nb4, or boldly sacrifice a second pawn with the Zilbermints Gambit, 8. After 7. Qd2, preparing to castle queenside, White is probably able to get enough compensation.

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This is known as the Gunderam Defence, as Gerhart Gunderam played and analysed this defence extensively and was also pretty objective in his coverage, unlike many other sources on the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. The most usual response is 6. Ne5, preparing g2-g4 hitting the bishop on f5, whereupon Bg4 6.

Ne5, but White's h-pawn is on h2 rather than h3, which doesn't make much of a difference to the objective assessment of the line. Black has a few wilder, but probably unsound, options such as The hardest line for White to crack is White's main alternative is to exchange off the f5-bishop with 6. Bd3, but after Bxd3 7. Qxd3 c6 it is not clear if White can get enough compensation for the pawn. This is generally known as the Bogoljubov Defence, although the main stem game saw Bogoljubov on the white side against Diemer.

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The idea is to fianchetto the king's bishop and put pressure on d4. White's most common response is to launch a quick kingside offensive with the Studier Attack, 6. Bc4 Bg7 7. Qe1, but after Nc6 9. Qh4 Bg4, White's attack is probably insufficient. Hence a lot of attention has shifted to the "Long Bogo" with 6. Not for the faint-hearted, the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit terrifies opponents and will spice up your chess life! Part 1: Gambit Accepted - 1.

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    7. And are you happy to roll the dice and take some risks? Then enter the intriguing world of the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit! The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit is a dangerous attacking opening which has amassed a cult following - a loyal band of supporters like no other in chess. White sacrifices a pawn in return for a strong initiative which tests Black's defensive capabilities to the limit. Some experts have questioned its objective soundness but there's no doubting its effectiveness over the board, where pressure and a ticking clock often mean it's impossible to find the right defence.

      In this book, Christoph Scheerer takes a modern-day look at the gambit. He examines in detail the most promising lines for White and the most resilient defences for Black, discusses the key ideas for both sides and highlights the many traps awaiting the unsuspecting player. It includes up-to-date coverage of the key lines.