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1771 - 1779

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Thank you! Can a crow croon? Today: Bob Dylan and his trusty harmonica. Bob Dylan Can you tell which wise words come from which Dylan? Aderhold 2 - No direction home? Contact klantendienst sherpa. Sold out.

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French 4 - You know, I cant write like that any more. Today: Bob's Boots: A walk through his official series. Amazon links soon? Book: amazon. Today: Bob in the Fall.

Please only send me super relevant links. Thompson, Patti Smith, William S. Today: Bob's Working Songs. And Big Data? Pennebaker and His Amazing Auricon - Critereon from pete read. Louis - YouTube from Claudio. Oct - Dylan influences and references in Norwegian literature.


John Gibbens R. Pennebaker - Criterion from Arthur Yin. Aug - Aarhus Festival from Johanna Parker. Today: The Listeners' Jukebox. Mind you, "Love and Theft" came in , not We asked famous Dutch poets to make a poem about Bob Dylan. Also link to another.

by Robert Burns

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Musikken fra tallet. Cover versions of Dylan's songs - nrk. Today: Hot! Interviewee Ruth Rodgers on Bob's pick up line, when she lived as a teenager in Woodstock.

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Rumour - Isis from Niels J. July 26, - YouTube from Harold Lepidus. The upsides are tremendous. Baule Music from J. Today: Bob Dylan - Live at Newport - Virginia's daughter gets upset for being grounded when she wanted to go to the Bob Dylan concert. They seemed to have made an effort to historically accurate. Louis March 11, Today: Guest host: Michael Dorn. Today: Bob's Tributes to Woody.


Tickets on sale today. To him and his brother Epimetheus was now committed the office of making man and providing him and all other animals with the faculties necessary for their preservation. Prometheus was to overlook the work of Epimetheus. Epimetheus proceeded to bestow upon the different animals the various gifts of courage, strength, swiftness, sagacity; wings to one, claws to another, a shelly covering to a third. But Prometheus himself made a nobler animal than these.

Taking some earth and kneading it with water, he made man in the image of the gods.

The Bard: Why is Shakespeare Great?

He gave him an upright stature, so that while other animals turn their faces toward the earth, man gazes on the stars. Then since Epimetheus, always rash, and thoughtful when too late, had been so prodigal of his gifts to other animals that no blessing was left worth conferring upon the noblest of creatures, Prometheus ascended to heaven, lighted his torch at the chariot of the sun, and brought down fire.

With fire in his possession man would be able to win her secrets and treasures from the earth, to develop commerce, science, and the arts. The Age of Gold. Whether in this or in other ways the world was furnished with inhabitants, the first age was an age of innocence and happiness. Truth and right prevailed, though not enforced by law, nor was there any in authority to threaten or to punish.

The forest had not yet been robbed of its trees to yield timbers for vessels, nor had men built fortifications round their towns. There were no such things as swords, spears, or helmets. The earth brought forth all things necessary for man, without his labor in plowing or sowing. Perpetual spring reigned, flowers sprang up without seed, the rivers flowed with milk and wine, and yellow honey distilled from the oaks.

This Golden Age had begun in the reign of Cronus. The Silver Age came next, inferior to the golden. Jupiter shortened the spring, and divided the year into seasons. Then, first, men suffered the extremes of heat and cold, and houses became necessary.

Caves were their dwellings,—and leafy coverts of the woods, and huts woven of twigs. Crops would no longer grow without planting. The farmer was constrained to sow the seed, and the ox to draw the plow. This was a race of manly men, but insolent and impious. And when they died, Jupiter made them ghosts of the underworld, but withheld the privilege of immortal life. Prometheus, Champion of Man. During this age when, as Hesiod says, the altars of the blessed were neglected, and the gods were denied their due, Prometheus stood forth—the champion of man against the Olympians.

Therefore, once upon a time, when gods and men were in dispute at Sicyon concerning the prerogatives of each, Prometheus, by an ingenious trick, attempted to settle the question in favor of man. Dividing into two portions a sacrificial bull, he wrapped all the eatable parts in the skin, cunningly surmounted with uninviting entrails; but the bones he garnished with a plausible mass of fat. He then offered Jupiter his choice. The king of Heaven, although he perceived the intended fraud, took the heap of bones and fat, and, forthwith availing himself of this insult as an excuse for punishing mankind, deprived the race of fire.

But Prometheus regained the treasure, stealing it from Heaven in a hollow tube. Doubly enraged, Jupiter, in his turn, had recourse to stratagem. He is declared to have planned for man a curse in the shape of woman. How the race had persisted hitherto without woman is a mystery; but that it had done so, with no slight degree of happiness, the experience of the Golden Age would seem to prove. However, the bewitching evil was fashioned,—in Heaven, properly enough,—and every god and goddess contributed something to her perfection.

One gave her beauty, another persuasive charm, a third the faculty of music. And they named her Pandora, "the gift of all the gods.