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Do you guys know a song with a sweet beat and like korean ish but in english? Lyrics: "If I got a dollar for every time you slammed the door, I would be the richest girl alive. Hey there, does anyone know which song these lyrics belong to? I know it's a rock song. Let's do it, there's really nothing to it, take me down, deep inside.

Be my woman, be my girl, be my little miss rock n roll, oh yeah.

Hozier on love, politics, and trying to follow the worldwide success of 'Take Me to Church'

Iam looking for song sounds like this "you and i are meant on tuesday morning, somehow in the sky and i felt free". Currently radio played. Pop rock sound to it.

Hey guys! I am looking for a track for almost 14 years now. Shazam doesn't recognize it,neither my friends or the dj's that i talked to. It's a very nice old school progressive-house track with a female vocal might be a remix of this track. I heard it back in and i've been looking for it since then. Need help!! Thanks in advance. Looking for an indie song similar to Sedona by houndmouth, the title was a womens name, it was about nostalgia I think. I am looking for old song probably black and white.. I Had a ppt of old american actresses on which it was played.

Hi guys, I'm looking for a song where the title is a woman's name, and I think some of the chorus goes like "they tell me my baby's a player" The version I heard was sung by a guy, but that might have been a cover I'm not sure. Thank you! Im looking for a song, if i recall it maybe a kind of tropical house it may have haf somekind of remix feeling but the lyrics around the drop goes" uhhh i just feel so good right now" thats all i can remember from the song.

It was played on MTV all the time. Lyrics were something like " doesn't matter what we do Im free, can't you see it, can't you see, what you tryna Baby with me anytime Looking for a song by a female artist. Refrain is something like, "You still love me, gotta have me, haven't put me out the door. That's what love is for. This is driving me crazy!! Looking for a song at the store i work at Am looking for a song like girl you're the one for me,girl you're the one for me You give me so much trouble Trouble trouble somefn like that.

I'm looking for a song that I heard a few years back, it's sung by a male voice and the line I remember is something along the lines of "don't your mother know about the scars on your wrist" but those are probably not the exact Words.

When will you get the 3-6 month back in stock

I feel like the Line was kind of rapped but it's not a rap song, but I'm not sure. I know it's not a lot but maybe someone has an ideal. Looking for a song used as soundtrack in Mr and Mrs nollywood movie, the lyrics goes as thus: whatever you say, whatever game you play, oh! Take it down low, cos it's hurting me so It has a girl and then a guy who sings it. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Brie Ferguson 20 September Reply Looking for a song!

Stephanie Deeks 20 September Reply Sang by a black woman i think.

'Take Me Home Tonight' singer Eddie Money dies at 70, family says

Christyna L. Michael Hess Jr. I think they changed it season 8. Anonymous 20 September Reply I'm trying to find a song I heard on the alt. Symphanie 20 September Reply I'm looking for a song and the lyrics is I got my heartbreak sound oh yeah I fill my up with some design oh oh oh you've got me better now.

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Ste 20 September Reply i'm looking for a song by early s. Anakin 20 September Reply Looking for a song that goes like I know your mother raise you right --Oh this life was just two of us Oohh i just want you to to my self ooh ooh. Xpose 20 September Reply Looking for a song that was playing in a casino.. Anon 20 September Reply I'm looking for a song with the lyrics " Alexis 20 September Reply Hello. Joy 20 September Reply I'm looking for a song which goes like.. R 20 September Reply I heard this song at ross and it's somewhat a fast song with a guy singing "Ill be here till the end of the night all i want is for you to be mine".

Stephanie Deeks 20 September Reply Sounds like disco tech. Kimberly 21 September Reply I am looking for a country song that came out around Jules 21 September Reply There's a song at work that plays every once in awhile and I like it, but I can find the name. Sten 26 September Reply The bank robber thing sounds like addicted to you by Avicii there is a Line in there that goes "like a powerfull drug I can't get enough of" its dance music. Sonja Karlsson 21 September Reply I'm looking for a song there a guy walking with speakers and then sitting on a car or something like that and play a acoustic guitar and singing that it will be better.

Alex stratford 21 September Reply I'm looking for a recent song by a male and female where the song is English and the chorus another language I think spanish not senorita. Rose 21 September Reply I'm looking for a song called "danger" or "dangerous" or something like that. Kyle 22 September Reply Trying to find an old song with the chorus where they go.

Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (, Vinyl) | Discogs

Kuroo 22 September Reply I'm looking for a song, i'm just heard some part, " we don't need to work so hard, we don't need to act so strong ", I cant find it on google. Martin 22 September Reply I'm looking for a song I heard on the radio recenly, it starts with a calm repetitive guitar riff, only words i got are "a total eclipse aha" i think its aha not sure , and I doubt its a cover of a total eclipse of the heart since there aren't so many words.

Abeyie Patricia 22 September Reply I'm searching for a song played at d background of the telenovela"Mara the only one"when Daniella was crying after she lost her daughter to Miguel Zucci 22 September Reply I'm looking for a song says all this pain you can see it when i walk see it when i talk I couldn't find it. S S 22 September Reply Looking for name and artist of this african gospel song lyrics show yourself and prove the world is wrong Jess Simon 22 September Reply Looking for a song, pop song with a male singing, probably recent.

Daniel B 22 September Reply Looking for a song whose videoclip is a group of kids chasing an Italian woman possibly a gipsy or a prostitute. Ananya 23 September Reply Hlo guys That Guy 23 September Reply I'm looking a for song that I think says, "im tired of all these things that i dont say".

Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)

Daniel Redman 23 September Reply Please can someone help me!! Hari 23 September Reply "Lets be a singer" guy someone please help me, i'm looking for this song, i dont remember any other lyrics on this song, i listened to at the age of 9 the year guess this song kind of classical song, so please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bee 23 September Reply Hey guys I'm looking for a song i heard on Spotify and i cant find it It goes like: I'm out on the weekend you just don't know what to do Ella 23 September Reply Ok so I have heard this song many many times in my childhood, and I heard it today at a workout and I cannot find it on Google at all.

Anonymous 24 September Reply Looking for a song on youtube, all i know is the thumbnail and genre. Anonymous 24 September Reply I need help finding a song, something about paradise? David Banda 24 September Reply iam looking for an old song which goes like this, its been so long since I kissed your lips, and held you in my arms, forever, forever, forever, I just long you, forever, forever forever, iam gone wait for you until you come back, they is no one to take your place, forever.

David Banda 24 September Reply ahhahh the island drifter, island drifter, ahhahh I find myself some pieces away on the island drifter, island drifter, nothing to do nothing to shout about on the island drifter. Wahid 24 September Reply a picture perfect night just like a dream it feels so right everything right here.. Wahid 24 September Reply I want to find this song and full lyrics.

Anon 24 September Reply I need to find this edm song which lyrics goes like "till i hope i die". So, in the writing of this, I just want to take my time and approach the work in a similar way that I had done the first time around. In some way, that is the most hopeful song of all of the songs on the record.

As it just looks at all things having failed, and all things being lost, and all efforts coming to naught. And so, some of my thinking was to have those opposite each other, I think, on the album. And I think I learned a hard lesson that maybe I should have been better off just picking up a hobby.

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So, I cannot put a lot of touring energy into reading the news and kind of plugging into the hour news cycle, which is never a healthy idea. And at the time then, there was talk of nuclear strikes, potential nuclear strikes, and escalation.

It was just kind of a wild upswing of very, very bitter rhetoric, like xenophobia.