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In fact, if you can stick to something for six months it will likely stick around for much longer. It is worth the effort! She received her B. She is married and is the mother of five children. Neither holds the key to sexual fulfillment. Our culture has become obsessed with sex, as evidenced by the rampant popularity of internet pornography and erotic novels like 50 Shades of Grey.

Some think that sexual confidence comes from having a movie star or porn star body and go to unhealthy lengths to get there. Others believe that the key to sexual satisfaction is learning more techniques than a kung fu master.

People try to maximize their sexual pleasure by hooking up with as many partners as they can, chasing the novelty. Through it all, they try to quench their thirst for sexual satisfaction by chasing after mirages, but the overflowing fountain lies in a different direction.

The key to sexual fulfillment has always been the relationship. It provides the soul and beauty of human sexuality. Certainly there is a room for creativity and experimentation in the bedroom. In some cases medical treatments are legitimate and helpful. But without the trust of commitment and the affection of intimacy, the sexual experience fails to meet its potential. Joe S. McIlhaney and Dr. Freda McKissic Bush explain that sex naturally creates a strong emotional connection through the release of bonding hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin.

These uniting effects of sex facilitate lifelong pairing. When a relationship dissolves often because too-early physical intimacy has created an illusion of emotional intimacy which fades , the rupturing of these bonds can cause intense depression, much more so than if sex were never part of the relationship. As this cycle is repeated, with bonds made and broken time after time, the brain releases less and less of the bonding hormones in order to curb the emotional damage of breakup pain.

Over time, therefore, a person associates sex less with commitment and emotional closeness and more with simple pleasure. Staying faithful can be difficult if the brain has come to associate sex with variety instead of intimacy, affection, and fidelity. The good news is that, with effort, these associations can be reversed as persons enter into, and stay in, committed and healthy relationships.

Oxytocin and vasopressin levels can gradually start to increase again and bonding may resume over time. If your sexual experience is limited but a long-term relationship is your goal, you can take precautions for the future. Odd as it may sound, physical intimacy is a lot like pizza. During my bachelor days I microwaved my share of pizzas. They always came out soggy. I contrast that to a date I had where we made our own pizza from scratch, rolling the dough, grating the cheese, chopping the ingredients, and cooking it in a brick oven.

It took nearly an hour, partially because we were playing and flirting, but mostly because quality took time.

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People try to microwave their relationships so they can get to sex as soon as possible, but the best kind of physical intimacy is the kind that comes after a relationship has slow-cooked in the oven. John Van Epp explains that waiting in dating can improve sex in a committed relationship later on. It takes time to really get to know another person, to build trust, and to truly commit. This process is distorted by early sexual involvement because the bonding hormones create a false sense of intimacy. It can cause you to trust someone more than you should or think you know them more than you actually do.

There seems to be a standard of amazing sex that some of us chase after, resulting in a type of performance anxiety. I was fortunate once to attend a seminar by noted psychologist, marriage counselor, and sex therapist Dr.

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The fact is, the human body is an imperfect organism. Difficulty getting aroused, staying aroused, or achieving orgasm happens to everyone at some time or another. Being in a relationship where trust, reliance, and commitment have developed over time, where friendship is paramount and affection is unconditional, diminishes the shame of a less-than-stellar sexual experience. What I am saying is that without the level of trust that comes with strong commitment, without the type of comfort that comes from unconditional affection, we rob ourselves of sex at its most satisfying.

About the Author: Jonathan Decker is a licensed marriage and family therapist at the St.

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He is available for face-to-face or online video conferencing sessions. He can be contacted at jdeckertherapy gmail. How is the Health of our kids? It is no secret that our children today have many health obstacles to overcome to ensure that they have a bright tomorrow. I recently read an article by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen. I could not believe what the research revealed about our children and their future health.

I have included below some of my favorite parts from the article. There is no way to sugar coat this. More than 70 percent of teens studied already had one or more of these red flags: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides a menacing blood fat , low levels of healthy HDL cholesterol, and lots of excess pounds.

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Salt: kids eat more blood pressure-boosting sodium than any other age group. Skipping the good stuff: only about 20 percent of kids eat five servings of fruit and veggies a day, or enough whole grains. Sitting around: just 20 percent of teens get an hour of physical activity per day, the minimum for good health. So as parents, and adult role models, what can we do to help?

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Kids click with what YOU do. Start with these five basic recommendations:. Heart-health experts now recommend that all kids have a cholesterol test between ages 9 and 11 and again at age 17 to Total cholesterol over , LDLs over and triglycerides over , and healthy HDL below 45 means it is time to eat smarter. Your pediatrician can tell you if you child is fine, or needs help. Change your menu. Few teens get even half the cholesterol-lowering fiber they need. Serve more fruits, veggies and grains. Tun off the TV and get moving: Play back-yard soccer, go to the playground, go skating or play Wii Fit.

Not only do we need to follow these guidelines from Dr. Oz, but we need to realize the impact both positive and negative that parents and peers have on their children. Modeling good healthy behaviors will benefit both the leader and follower. Whole Fit provides a comprehensive approach to wellness, weight management, and performance training. Our team includes experienced professionals with a wide range of health and wellness backgrounds. To learn more about our team visit us online at www.

While some dads are deadbeats and some mothers truly do an amazing job raising kids on their own, the lasting effects of a great father cannot be underestimated. I should know, because my dad is amazing. Allow me to share seven fatherhood lessons that I learned from him along with a few of my own thoughts.

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Be a good man. Recognize the importance of your example. Your kids will do what you do, not what you say. If you want honest kids, be honest. If you want polite, gracious, patient, and forgiving kids, be polite, gracious, patient, and forgiving. Model the virtues that you want to see in them.

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I know for a fact that my siblings and I all strive to emulate the marriage of my parents. Your kids are not the persons you should be processing with and venting to. Work hard, but make regular time for your children. My dad was a busy man something I can relate to these days , but no matter how tired he was, he always made a little time for each of us.

It was more about quality than quantity, and it made a difference. Because my dad regularly connected with me about my life, I felt comfortable approaching him with my questions about love, money, faith, sex, and anything else. Share your interests, but encourage your kids in theirs.

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My father is an attorney. My brother is an attorney. My uncle is an attorney. I have cousins who are attorneys. It seems to be what Decker men do. Though dad suggested I look into the profession, he never pushed. He was supportive when I chose a different path. Although Dad was a distance runner, he was thrilled when my brother chose to play basketball.