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Flung from their native star systems by gravitational encounters with other objects, rogue planets dwell in the cosmic dark.

As a result, they are far more challenging to spot than planets illuminated by their parent stars. Where thousands of exoplanets have been detected within star systems, only about a dozen rogue planets have been discovered.


The vast majority of exoplanets are found when they pass in front of their host stars, causing a temporary dip in starlight that can be detected by astronomers. I took a cursory look around and found that the CFHT has a limiting magnitude range of about mag. The VLT even better? This is so neat!

Rogue Planets Wandering Through Interstellar Space Are Rare, Says Study

In practice, our system has met many of these nearby, and we are quite unlucky to not have anyone closer as of yet. Also says that the atmosphere was studied extensively, but nothing else was said about it. BTW, love the name for the planet and all, but maybe we could come up with something a little more catchy.

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More distant free-floating planet candidates have been found before in very young star clusters, but could not be studied in detail. But Delorme promises us better data in the future. I did look at the article, but I do not have a science background and got pretty lost after the first couple of paragraphs — I did not have the patience to glean the few pieces of info I might have understood.

Thanks for dissecting out that info for me!

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These 7 or so suns? So is the dogie planet orbiting some, one , several? So this is really a system on the run? I like that so much better than moving group. I am rather fond of Miles Mathis explanation for refracting light due to dust and gas.

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And still no data from WISE on such ones. Maybe there are not only Neburus in the distant open clusters but also Yuggoths in our Oort Cloud backyard… ha!

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One such thing in a ly-across volume is much, much rarer than normal stars. Even accounting for observational bias, if only megayear-or-less old planets are detected x50 , less massive are more likely to be ejected, and only the volume of AB Doradus cluster is scanned x , there is a pretty high chance that alpha Cen Bb is the closest terrestrial-mass world after Venus, Mars and Mercury….

We already know from microlensing surveys that they are about as frequent as stars. Our system would meet them fairly often. The first one was theorized in the s, but one was not actually found until the s.

Rogue Planets Wandering Through Interstellar Space Are Rare, Says Study

Perhaps with this new form of radio emissions detection, many more will be found in the future. The glow is another mystery of the planet. So without solar winds interacting with its magnetic field, how does the rogue planet get its auroral glow? Despite all the unknowns about this celestial mass, its discovery may prove to be promising for future research on objects outside of our own solar system. Buy Now, Pay Later.

Rogue Planets – Soundtrack (2018)

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