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The Best Worst President. Mark Hannah. The Bilderberg Conspiracy:. Paul Jeffers.

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Our Puppet Government

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Puppet Government: Cheaper Broadband Network

Don't Wait for the Next War. Wesley K. How I Lost by Hillary Clinton. Joe Lauria. A Consequential President. Michael D'Antonio. Lament for America. Earl H. Buyer's Remorse.

Soviet Puppet Government in Poland

Bill Press. The Anti-American Manifesto. Ted Rall. The Great American Disconnect. Jed Morey. Sons of Wichita. Daniel Schulman. Market Madness.


Blake C. We weren't able to audit the description and comments of all of 3, of the pull requests that we'd made, so we decided to create and close issues with the title of the pull request and a link through to our GitHub Enterprise install. From now on we're using the public GitHub repository to do all our work against. Over time we're moving small reusable pieces out of this codebase and publishing them elsewhere on GitHub and on our Puppet Forge account. We can't promise to provide support for our main Puppet codebase this is coding in the open rather than open source but feel free to open issues and pull requests for us to look at.

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Pushing the commit history Our commit history is very important to us - the team frequently makes use of the git pickaxe to find code, and we try to make sure the commit message always explains why the thing has changed. In search of passwords Given that we'd decided we were going to push the commit history, we had to make sure there were no credentials anywhere in the history of the repo which were still in use.

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Himmedti aims to setup puppet government ahead of proposed deal

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