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Also, Firaeveus Carron and the Metal Boxes. Kharn vs. Somebody wrote it. Gunslinger Stats -6 after 24 votes : Statmonkey comes up with a Gunslinger class that does justice to the first book of Dark Tower. United Earth Fleet -8 after 12 votes : What starts off as some advice for an Earth-centerd sci-fi campaign launches into an epic discussion on humanity's future among the stars. Contains alignment debates, name debates, and some amount of drama.

Continued 3 after 22 votes : Continuation of the story. Love Blooms Further Pt. Featuring Farseer Caerys. Orcus is already dead. The Lonely Callidus part 5 -6 after 28 votes : Miv and acquaintances start to pick up the pieces of their lives, and Fiona Just as Planned. For the Emperor!

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To Page 10! It goes horribly wrong. The Anagram Thread -8 after 12 votes : 'Stupid fun with anagrams. The Ascent cont.

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  3. Selected Poetry and Prose (including Black Bertha).

The Lonely Callidus part 6 -6 after 26 votes : The plot continues onwards; comedy will ensue? Orcus x2 -8 after 16 votes : The power of teamwork and optimization in 4e as a party of level 30 PCs stunlocks and prevails over two Orcuses. Monopoly -7 after 9 votes : and hark, there shall be monopoly writefaggotry. This is the first post on the subject.

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  • Used to gauge basic response. Exalted Session 3 -8 after 14 votes : Sarbiton's group at Exalted again, telling us what adventures happen in the latest session. Includes possibly Fae rape, armies of hobgoblins bombarding a city and possible doors to Malfeas. Sorry Don, you're a meme. The Nineball -6 after 22 votes : The touhoufags post an upgraded Orcuslayer and its insane numbers. Exalted Session 4 -7 after 17 votes : Exalted Session 4! The group find their way into the heart of a war and repel some Fair Folk. Masochistic Fair Folk, hot-blooded action and whores.

    The Great Debate -6 after 20 votes : Various members of the 41st Millennium get together when Marneus Calgar loses his mind and secedes.

    Discussion of the Ages -7 after 17 votes : An attempted thread derailment of legendary proportions Open Mike Night -7 after 11 votes : The races of 40k get together for a cultural exchange of humor. Were-Something -8 after 10 votes : At first "normal" choices then came pokemon. Warhammer 50k -6 after 12 votes : What happens in 10k more Years?

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    Grandpa Dreadnought Part 1 -7 after 17 votes : Grandpa Dreadnought visits! Twisted campaign ideas are formed that should never be acted upon.

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    Elves after 36 votes : We went from Tsunder, to Tsunder Mockery, to Elf Rape, to Fuck the Elves, to grammatically deconstructing the difference and meaning of Fuck the Elves vs Fuck with the Elves, down to discussing Elven Genetics, to discussing how Elves relate to Almonds, to discussing the properties of Marzipan, then back to discussing Elven Genetics, and then finally discussing the idea that the Elves may just be planning a giant trap to destroy human civilization with nubile Elf Slaves. The elven relation to necromancers is discussed, and Andrew Jackson is suggested to lead the effort.

    Commissar Loran after 15 votes : Commissar Loran Cehack arrives to purge the heresy. Or scout for the impending Moonrace immigration. Is denied by Watchmen. An intelligent conversation.

    The Mighty Power of Nanomaterials: Crash Course Engineering #23

    Gender roles discussed within gaming culture -8 after 10 votes : Gender roles and the presence of women and newbs discussed in gaming culture. Also bears. It's age, how far spread it is, etc. The Nation Game after 18 votes : An involved and developed game of diplomacy and interaction as new powers seek to assert themselves in a world of redrawn borders this thread joins the game part-way through - earlier phases were not archived. The Nation Game, continued after 14 votes : The linking phase separating this one from the original was not saved, but the Nation Game archived above continues here.

    The nations game -9 after 13 votes : Part one of three The Nations game after 12 votes : Part 2 The Nation Game, part 3 after 12 votes : The nations continue to banter on about resources, cloning programs, robotic warriors, and a tribunal to decide what's to be done about the Order of the Hawk's rogue troops. Mars Colonization -9 after 25 votes : Players stake their claims on Mars and Diplomacy and war ensues. The Nation ga Roleplaying -7 after 9 votes : A topic on couples moves on to roleplaying with Tzeentch. Grandpa's Chili cook-off -6 after 18 votes : Grandpa Dreadnought competes in a chili cook-off.

    Awesome insues. It is a bold tale wrought with wincest, way too many lolis, domestic schisms, violence and ultimately Could it be possible to be turned into a Lich against your will? The thread gets interesting when one Anon relates the story of a friend undergoing a gender swap and his attraction for 'her'. Genuinely good advice follows. Exterminatus is called upon. Drawfag thread. Fucking epic. Baby Emprah's Day Out -9 after 11 votes : Anonymous tells the story of the rebirth of the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind and his kyuuut widdle toesies, yes they are!

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    • Yes they are! Is this tech heresy? Dranon's delight 6 -7 after 27 votes : "Oh look, yet another DD, time for some good ol' grammarnazi Holocaust That's odd. At least it has sick pedophile rape. Wait, no guys at all? No rape?! No sex at all? And it's canon-wise? Nature Tools after 10 votes : a failed racism troll turns into a debate on nature, human tools and tigers. Lycanthropy is an STD -6 after 22 votes : Thread starts with discussion of the title topic, then gets derailed into discussions of awkwardness and hilarity revolving around transformation. Ebooks and Manuals

      Archipelago Quest 1 -6 after 6 votes : An overdone idea that's been tossed around for weeks spirals into an impromptu quest. She's your Sister, Dude! Custom Magic Card Thread -7 after 7 votes : The usual custom Magic thread gets a bit cooler when someone starts posting Gurren Lagann cards and Yugi Planeswalker finally leaves the thread.

      Fetishes, Seriously -7 after 9 votes : Later in the thread, a suspiciously mature discussion of fetishes in games. What does he have up his sleeve? Red pill, blue pill. Take the blue pill, you can live forever. But you can only choose one, for to take both is vicious poison.

      Get e-book 2000 Jokes For Kids; Fill Your Heart With Fun And Laughter

      So what exactly are we trying to accomplish today? How has he fared since real life 'd? Well that's what this discussion is about. Is Role Playing Mental Sickness -9 after 9 votes : A discusion of the underlying mental sickness of "role players" to be archived for a basis of support in helping such persons into more healthful habits.