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You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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God bless. To the Ballan family, Words cannot express how saddend I am to hear this news. She was very loving, always had a smile on her face, and was a good friend to have on your side. I always thought of her as one of my best friends growing up. Some of my favorite childhood memories would always include her in them.

I believe she will b the brightest star in the sky. Rip in peice Ali Bali, I love you more than words can tell. With Love Always, Kittie Grajales. Dear Naomi and Jerry, On behalf of my beloved parents, myself, and Gail, I just wanted to let you know how special your family was to us all these years. I have fond memories of Ali as a little girl and our families growing up together. I only hope that having Alison's little legacies Anthony and Michael can one day eventually help to bring you a little peace.

I wish I was closer to come and sit with you and pay my respects.

Dear Naomi and Jerry, Our thoughts are with you on this very sad occassion. We will remember Allison as a loving daughter and devoted mother. May she rest in peace. With our sincere condolences Barbara and Shelly.

Dearest Sweetheart,

Was that you this morning? I still sit here in shock- remembering the times we fought over who was going to sing the next Madonna song in our parents car I wish there was something I could have done- yet there was really nothing anyone could have done Throughout the years I have always thought about you and asked for updates I send my love and condolences to your family- Jerry, Naomi, Michael and Anthony Although I did not know Alison, I was deeply saddend to learn of this tragedy.

May you find comfort in knowing she will always be watching over you. May her parents and children find the peace, strength and hope to face each new day. I remember Alison as a joyous and sweet, sweet young woman with deep pride in her sons.

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My condolences to her loving family for their unimaginable loss. Dear Naomi and Jerry, We are so saddened with the death of Alison. It is with a very heavy heart that our love and compassion go out to you both at this time. May HaShem give you strength and comfort. May Alison's neshuma soul watch over us all. With all of our love, Rita and Alan Goldblatt. Although it has been awhile since we have spoken I think about her all the time. I am deeply saddened by her tragic passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family in their time of need. I know she is an angel looking over her boys now.

I will keep her memory alive and with me at all times.

Alison Deborah Ballan Jurich, 34, of Raleigh, died May 28, 2011.

I knew Ally a little over 3 months. We connected instantly. Even though I am older, we become closer than any sisters could be. We called ourselves, "soul-sisters. Ally shared her life, her hopes, and dreams with me. I know that she loves her boys and her parents so very much. I feel so blessed having had the privilege to know her. I will always love her, and I am looking forward to seeing her again. Dear Naomi and Jerry, Our family is truly devastated to hear the terrible news. Your family was very special to us and Alison will forever be in our hearts and prayers.

The Goldschein family. I only met Ali once, a few months ago. She and my nephew and our family went to lunch together at the Olive Garden.

She was such a delightful girl, and she spoke of her sons and how proud she was of them. You could tell that she loved her boys so much. Even in our short time together, she left such a unique impression upon me. I was so very sad to hear of her passing and to sense your family's loss. He believes in "the heart's creative wisdom" and has encouraged generations of students to seek it out.

He has taught at 12 universities - including those in Jerusalem and Iran - written 20 books, and is good at making things with wood. Naomi remembers the living room of her childhood home "having the feel of a Bethlehem carpenter's stall" Nazareth, surely! But he is no Christ figure: in he fathered a son and neglected to tell his family until decades later, though all is forgiven now and the year-old Julius is one of them. This is the man conjured in these pages by an adoring daughter.

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His outlook is old-fashioned, heartwarming, and surely at odds with many of America's prevailing values. He is, above all, a humanist. And therein lies the warning: to declare a belief in humanism which Wolf defines as "the view that the human perspective and human emotions are universal and that the human creative imagination is the most precious quality of the species" is to court widespread disapproval in the contemporary US. The politically correct hate it because it regards the study of literature as offering "a key to unlock the universal soul" rather than a "map of oppressive power relations".

Students are taught they have no right to imagine what it is like to be black or gay or working class, especially if they are themselves white and middle class. On the other hand, humanism is demonised as godless by the religious right. So it is fine to celebrate an octogenarian still wedded to human values, who still brings his wife Chanel No 5 whenever he travels abroad and who is helped to build the treehouse by a man called Mr Christian.

Talk to any of her friends and colleagues and one of the things they invariably mention is her bone-deep love of hustle: This is a woman who stays on the move. The word supermodel gets a lot of action these days. They dominated runways and magazine covers. Their jet-set, party-hopping, star-dating lifestyles were pre-Internet!

Tribute to our most favourite, dearest Naomi Kyle!

And the nightly news still mattered—a lot—back then. The photo of a laughing Naomi, picking herself up after that tumble, is one of many, many images of her that endure to this day, as a quick gloss of Instagram will attest. Naomi Campbell was born in South London in Her mother was a dancer, and like her, Naomi gravitated to the spotlight: She attended stage school from the age of three, and trained as a ballerina. Beth Boldt, the head of the London-based Synchro modeling agency, scouted Naomi at fifteen, and soon invited Bethann Hardison, former model and head of her own agency in the States, to come to London to see if she, too, wanted to work with the fresh young face.

I may have been the only person she knew here. I guess you could call me her U. Demure in one way but strong, like a buffalo soldier, in another. I mean, to think of her moving to New York, alone, at sixteen or seventeen, and setting up her own apartment the way she did—she just knew how to handle herself.