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See more. Sacred Ground. Barbara Wood.

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Two thousand years ago, there was a great bay and a peaceful land filled with sage, citrus trees, and pine. And there was a tribe called the Topaa. Marimi, a healer in her tribe, is unprepared for what fate holds in store for her. Without her knowledge, her actions place her under the watchful, suspicious gaze of a rival From prehistoric California to the days of Spanish explorers, from the time of California colonialism to the swashbuckling cowboy days of early Los Angeles and right up to the present day, Scared Ground tells the story of the female descendants of Marimi.

It tells of their loves, their betrayals, their loses, their families, and their ruthless ambitions that would forge a new country. Book Winner of RT Magazine's Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Historical Mystery In the wake of a terrifying earthquake, Sano Ichiro races to solve a crime that could bring down the shogun's regime When a massive earthquake devastates Japan in , even the shogun's carefully regulated court is left teetering on the brink of chaos.

Lee Riordan. In , one of the greatest natural disasters ever recorded struck one of the most densely populated areas in the world. In Jishin, author Lee Riordan recreates this calamity, the Great Kanto Earthquake, providing both stirring adventure and touching romance. This book vividly describes the shaking and shuddering of the quake itself, during which thousands died, as much of the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama collapsed around their inhabitants. In the ensuing fires, many more perished as insatiable flames tore through the cities, destroying property and life.

This gripping historical novel retells the story of the terrible quake that took over , lives. Jishin is also the story of Tatiana, the Russian countess, and Hugh, the American professor, who discover their love for one another against the backdrop of this destruction. The author built his tale on the recollections of Tatiana and Hugh, who were his parents, providing the book with an authenticity that gives it unusual poignancy and realism.

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Ancients: An Event Group Thriller. Book 3. Reminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action-packed series about the nation's most secret agencythe Event Group Ten thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very power of the planet itself. As the great science of their time was brought to bear on the invading hordes, hell was set loose on Earth.

And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal storm of fire and water. All in the April Morning. Jean Saunders. The day dawns bright and fair on peaceful San Francisco. Outside the Pendleton mansion, the O'Connell sisters — Bridget and Kitty — enjoy the freedom of the hour. But this is the day of the great San Francisco earthquake and life is set to change forever for the O'Connell girls. Orphaned by the disaster, Bridget must assume responsibility for herself and eight-year-old Kitty.

They face an uncertain future with only Bridget's fierce spirits to sustain them. All in the April Morning is an epic novel of one woman's struggle to control her own fate throughout the first half of the century, in peace and war, from the stricken west coast of America to the green horse-breeding country of Ireland. It was first published in Similar ebooks.

The Angry Wife: A Novel. Lucinda Delaney is a southern belle ruled by a vision of life that no longer exists.

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The Civil War has come and gone and her side has lost, yet she is determined to proceed as if nothing has changed—a denial that stokes the flames of her irrational angers. They simply did not expect the tsunami to be so big. It exceeded their expectations in the worst possible way.

Others ran back to get things they left at the home when they evacuated and thus got washed away. Still others had no experience with earthquakes and tsunami and did not anticipate the degree of Mother Nature's might. If they heard the warning announcements, they must not have taken them seriously.

Eldridge wrote in the Daily Yomiuri, on Oshima island four of the island's gas and service stations were located along the coast on low ground. They were destroyed, which has made the recovery difficult. Not only water and food, but fuel is necessary in the wake of a disaster, especially in winter. The recovery in the early stages after the tsunami was also hampered due to the fact that the island was cut off from the rest of the city, and indeed, the rest of the country. No ferry service was available, nor could any boats go out due to all the debris in the water.

Not knowing when help would come, they ate sparingly, only once or twice a day.

After Fukushima: faces from Japan's tsunami tragedy, five years on

About a week following the quake, when food and water were near exhausted, relief supplies started to be flown in and then delivered by ships, and the U. Marines from the USS Essex went there to help with the clean-up, deliver relief supplies, and provide support to the evacuation centers.

Then there are the makeshift notes, written in green and red felt pen, messages to reassure loved ones who may also have survived. We are safe. Canvassing neighborhoods is next to impossible: The tsunami waves so rearranged the landscape that in the Iwanuma neighborhood where Shuko Aizawa's year-old mother lived, a yellow house was picked up and plopped down nearly intact a mile away, across a canal and a four-lane road to land on top of a gas station.

Bodies also were swept from one neighborhood to the next, or else out to sea. Still, with no official information forthcoming, the best that Aizawa could do was to search in the mud where the once-pretty seaside community near the Sendai airport had stood. Aizawa, wearing yellow rubber boots, slogged through a neighborhood reduced to swampland. Clutching her husband's arm with one hand, a designer purse in the other, she climbed over a toppled pine tree, stepped around scattered blue roof tiles and walked gingerly past a harpsichord buried in the mud.

Aizawa could not recognize her mother's street, let alone the house. Where's that intersection? People seeking relatives have traveled between myriad sites, not easy, given that most public transport is shut down and gasoline is in acutely short supply.

‘It was the loneliest night I’d ever had’

They often wind up scribbling notes of their own on doors or chalkboards. But there is no consolidated site, let alone functioning computers in many affected areas, making it difficult to decide where to look. But many in Rikuzentakata seem to exist in suspended animation, clinging to fantasies of a family-reuniting miracle, but bracing for the worst.

Futoshi Toba, the town's year-old mayor, is among them. On that Friday afternoon, he huddled on the third-floor roof of city hall as the wave crashed over the building and erased virtually everything else in sight, including his home.

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Supply Delays. In Takata Junior High School, the city's largest evacuation center Fliers plastered an adjoining wall, many with poignant snapshots of the missing in happier times. The sign read, ''We are looking for Takata High School students and teachers. People here say it is still possible that some of the missing could be lost in Rikuzentakata's plus evacuation centers, where more than 9, citizens -- some 40 percent of the town -- have taken shelter. Ten days after the tsunami hit, that seems difficult to believe. But in a town that has not much else but hope to cling to, people believe it anyway.

She said she had neglected to store her own food, and was reduced to feeding her four children and one grandchild a single cup of instant ramen noodles and a few pieces of bread per day. Taira, 54, said she had grown so desperate that she scavenged the tsunami wreckage for food.

Japanese Earthquake (1923)

She proudly held up the prize to her mother. Red Cross water tankers dispensed drinking water to Fukushima residents who waited in long, orderly lines.

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He sleeps on a couch in his office. He worries about nuclear radiation. The tsunami caused damage at a nuclear power plant in nearby Onagawa, and though officials say the danger there has passed, the mayor remains anxious. Eighty-five miles down the coast, workers for the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

There was another aftershock Monday in Ishinomaki, and a tsunami warning. A false alarm, it turned out, but the authorities discovered that the batteries on many of the emergency loudspeakers no longer work. Officials scrambled to replace them. By Tuesday, 2, corpses had been identified in Ishinomaki, and 2, people were still missing.

Nearly 23, people were in shelters, and thousands more shivered in damaged and waterlogged homes. Among the improvised solutions to problems presented by the disaster were opening temporary supermarkets in places where store buildings had been washed away by tsunami waves and providing delivery services to people that lost their cars. Transportation remained insufficient in quake- and tsunami-stricken areas. People often had to resort to hitchhiking or walking to get anywhere.

Those fortunate to have vehicles had to scrounge for gasoline. In the shelters, mothers with small children were having a tough go. They had to deal with crying babies, shell-shocked toddlers, finding foods their children would eat and keeping everybody healthy. There were shortages of portable generators as people tried to produce their own energy supplies.

Newspapers offered tips on things like making diapers from plastic bags and diapers; tying a child to your back with a rope; managing without running water; and keeping warm if no heat sources are available. Among the advise offered was putting water in plastic bags and plastic-bag-lined buckets if no water containers are available and wrapping yourself in curtains if no blankets are available. Anybody that could wal or ride a bike to where they were going were told to do that rather than drive or take public transportation.

In functioning hospitals pregnant women who had fled devastated hospitals gave birth to newborns as victims done in by poor health and the cold were pronounced dead. In other hospitals patients died when ventilators and dialysis machine keeping them alive stopped working when the power went out. One month after the disaster about , people were still living in shelters. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported, based on inquiries at hospitals in the quack stricken areas, people died after the earthquake and tsunami as a result of being exposed to cold temperatures and unsanitary conditions in the evacuation shelters.