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This will distribute it more evenly and make it easier to rinse.

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For an especially dirty coat, scrub with a currycomb or grooming mitt. When you are finished with the suds, rinse, rinse and rinse again. You can widen the stream to cover larger areas, like the barrel and flanks, then soften the flow for sensitive spots. The bathing secret of many great groomers is a finishing rinse?

The crowning glory of any well-groomed horse is a thick, flowing tail and a full, healthy mane. For best results, start by dousing the mane and tail in a detangler, such as a conditioner or a silicone spray. Like soap residue on a coat, suds left in a mane or tail will leave it dull and itchy. A horse who rubs his tail or crest in an effort to find relief can leave ugly bald patches, and the hairs may not grow back as readily as those on the body. Great groomers are usually astute horsepeople. They know no amount of grooming or application of hair-care products will make a horse look good if his diet is lacking in key nutrients.

Dozens of commercial formulas for enhancing coat health and shine are on the market. Common ingredients include omega fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals to support general health, and biotin, a B vitamin that contributes to the health of skin and hoof horn. Show standards dictate some clipping conventions, but if your only goal is a good-looking pleasure horse, follow these guidelines:.

Botflies like to lay their eggs on these long hairs, so keeping them short helps deter these pests.


A close trim will also help you detect and treat any scabs and scurf left by black flies and gnats, which like to congregate in this area in hot weather. They protect the eyes by triggering the blink reflex when something touches them.

Do not clip out the interiors of the ears? Clip any tufts of hair high up on the cannon bone and behind the knee in the same manner. In many cases, a shedding blade alone will remove these. Effective groomers approach their tasks with vision and purpose.

In addition to regular daily grooming sessions, they pick up a brush in the idle moments of the day and use it as a tool to learn more about their horse.

The Grammarphobia Blog: Why foxes have fur, horses hair

In other words, the secret to highly effective grooming is essentially highly effective horsemanship. By Joni Martin. You are already ahead of the game. When considering a good feeding strategy, be sure a high-quality fiber hay or pasture is the foundation of your diet. Your 1, lb warmblood should be eating at least 1. Once your base diet is balanced to meet his minimum requirements, you can start choosing the right supplement to address any additional challenges your horse is facing.

Ker-A-Form contains essential amino acids, high-quality fats, lecithin, and the critical nutrients that serve as the building blocks for healthy hair and hoof: biotin, methionine, iodine and zinc. You should see a difference in coat quality within the first two weeks. Changes in the hoof will become noticeable as the new hoof grows out.

A 3-lb bucket of Ker-A-Form is a day supply for one horse. Skin problems can be very challenging. To support reduction in overall inflammation and mitigate any allergic response in horses battling skin problems, I recommend providing additional omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be anti-inflammatory in nature. A complete complement of omega-3 is supplied: 3, mg of EPA and 2, mg of DHA, both from high-quality fish oil and alpha-linolenic acid in the form of flax oil.

Contribute guarantees an ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. One gallon of Contribute is a day supply at 1 ounce per day, or a day supply at the maximum dose of 2 ounces per day. Two ounces of Contribute will provide 1, kcal of energy to the diet.

When introducing Contribute to the diet, do so slowly over 7 days. In your situation I would recommend working up to 2 ounces per day 1 ounce per feeding. Once his skin problem resolves, you can drop down to 1 ounce per day. Since Contribute is primarily fish oil it might be a flavor you horse is unaccustomed to.

If necessary, mix Contribute with some applesauce or yogurt until he gets used to the flavor.

Shoppers claim £8 horse shampoo 'saved their hair' and give it 5 star reviews

Once a horse becomes accustomed to the new taste they will eat Contribute with no problem. My warmblood licks his feed tub clean every night! To help your guy strengthen his immune system which will help in the battle with skin dermatitis and support muscle development, I would recommend 3 scoops 3, IU of Elevate Maintenance Powder per day.

Elevate contains a highly bioavailable source of natural vitamin E.

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Natural vitamin E is a critical nutrient often missing from the equine diet, as its primary source is fresh green grass. A 2-pound jar of Elevate Maintenance Powder will last you 43 days when feeding 3 scoops per day. The Kentucky Performance Products strategy Kentucky Performance Products supplements are formulated to address specific nutritional challenges. They are meant to be fed along with the well-balanced diet outlined in the first paragraph.

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By choosing and combining the right complement of supplements, you can target specific problems and supply the appropriate nutritional support without adding unnecessary nutrients that might cause imbalances or over-supplementation. Our supplements are made with high-quality ingredients that are included at research-proven levels so you get results. Comparing the nutritional contribution of Omega Complete to the combination of Contribute, Ker-A-Form and Elevate, when comparing Contribute to the Omega Complete you will notice that both of the oils in Contribute are high in omega-3, while the primary oil in Omega Complete is soy oil, which is much higher in omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids.

I started using this shampoo around a month ago and I'm really impressed with the results," she wrote. Already my hair feels stronger, I'm losing less when washing and the difference is noticeable. The 'miracle' shampoo and conditioner Image: Amazon Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

Put the Bloom Back in Your Horse’s Coat

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