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Thus, Ciudad Trujillo assembled a powerhouse. Furthermore, the best Negro Leaguers of the day were lured to come down and play. Many of the Negro Leaguers actually came down relatively late in the series, which ran from March to July; they displaced Dominicans and Cubans. After the excesses of , official pro baseball went on hiatus in the Dominican Republic for 14 years.

Also, during the years that there was no professional league play, baseball remained the sport of choice for Dominicans.

He also ventured elsewhere in Latin America. He could pick it, my friend.

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He had speed, grace, exceptional intuition, a sure glove, and a rocket for an arm. Glenn was giving Rabbit too much credit with the stick. During his Negro League career his average hovered around the. Always a hustler. At some point he became a manager; possibly the first time he did so was during the Inter-Antillean Centennial Series of In the winter of , Venezuela established its main professional baseball league.

Except for catcher Enrique Lantigua, who had a premonition and drove instead, the entire Santiago club perished.

Felipe Alou , a pre-med student, was his cleanup hitter in The Dominican fans, who selected both teams, extended a special invitation to Eddie Lopat to come out of retirement and pitch. In addition, he continued to manage the Dominican national team in amateur competition. One example was the Pan-American Games, held in Chicago. He was spotted by Milwaukee Braves scout Ted McGrew and soon thereafter went on to become another early Dominican big-league star.

Sosa was the only one of them who played for the Giants, though. So when the Giants were looking to liquidate some of their scouting positions, they were going to retire Horacio at half his salary.


He was the best scout they ever had. Rob Ruck offered a moving depiction in The Tropic of Baseball. He walks down the first base line into the right field corner where he sheds tears of his own.

The following year, a powerful testament to his importance came from another of the most eminent Dominican baseball figures, Felipe Alou. He was a great athlete and he spoke a great deal to me before I left to play in the United States. This was back in the s when there was so much racism in the United States, but I came here aware of all those things because I had a great teacher.


I was his first player signed to make it to the big leagues and for me, it was like I was on a mission. Alou expanded on this theme with Rob Ruck. When he was in his first pro season with the Giants, and encountered racism on a long bus trip in the Deep South, young Felipe was tempted to quit and go back home. Echoing Marichal and Alou, Manny Mota offered his own personal tribute in The flow near Yuma was estimated to have reached , cubic feet per second.

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From Dec. Snowstorms from Dec.

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Eight people died on the Navajo Reservation. Flood water washed away the approaches to eight bridges around town and caused traffic backups for nearly a week. Water also washed out about 2, feet of the east end of the main runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and damaged thousands of homes. Several bridges were also washed out on the Salt River by flooding from Feb. Storms dumped