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During the day of my exam, the examiners were very professional and strict with the rules. I received my test results after 24 hours. PTE Academic exam is indeed the "fast and fair English test. Since the exam is done on a computer, the test taker has the ability to use his skills effectively.

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I would recommend PTE Academic as it is more convenient in choosing an exam date and getting the results is also easy. Nepal September The thing that I liked the most about this test was the kindness of the people in the venue. Very friendly staff who helped me to feel more relaxed. I didn't feel the stress of being in a test and that for me that was crucial.

Fast booking and very quick release of results! Very highly recommended than any other English test :.

ACT Test to Provide New Options Designed to Offer Students More Choices, Faster Results

New Zealand August Preparation and dedication to get the desired result is the key factor in getting the score you want. PTE Academic is a good test of English. The preparation improved my English language. China July What I love about the test is the speed of reporting scores and the objective scoring approach.

PTE is more practical and less stressful than many other English language tests. It helped me confirm my scholarship and gained admission to my dream University. Without PTE, I would have forfeit these life opportunities.

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It is really an updated test. Nigeria July PTE Academic accurately reflects an individual's ability to communicate in standard English. I would prefer this exam to other available tests as it removes the elements of human bias in scoring. Unlike other English proficiency exams, PTE Academic is less time-consuming when it comes to exam preparation and score card report fulfillment.

I love the fact that there is not a person behind the score marking. It eliminates any chance of a biased score. Australia July The test purely consists of all the necessary basic components of the English language and you are tested in-depth. The best thing about PTE Academic is giving the test on computers. Its format is fairly easy to understand and lots of materials are available online to help you.

IELTS Speaking Task 1 - How to get a high score

Still, for now people like Yi are happy to relish the newfound order that a social-credit score can bring—as well as enjoy the perks. What harm could there be? All rights reserved. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Sign In. TIME Health. TIME Labs. The Goods. TIME Shop. Press Room. The Most Influential People. American Voices.

The Breakdown. Finding Home. The Influencers. Longevity Next Generation Leaders. Person of the Year. Space Top of the World. A good Portrait mode that blurs the background to help isolate the main subject is one of the more desirable features for modern smartphone photographers. Spotlights in the background have good shape and contrast, and the effect produces a pleasant blur gradient that realistically blurs the foreground and background at different depths to achieve something of an optical-lens effect.

Depth estimation works well and the OnePlus 7 Pro masks the subject very accurately in outdoor images, where it keeps complex areas such as hair sharp and well-defined. Some minor depth artifacts or masking errors are visible in indoor images, with the edges of the portrait slightly blurred, but all-in-all, the mode does an admirable job.

The overall video score is derived from performance and results across a range of attributes in the same way as the Photo score: Exposure 86 , Color 89 , Autofocus 95 , Texture 77 , Noise 76 , Artifacts 74 , and Stabilization With excellent scores across the board, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a consistent performer for video as well as for photo, making it a solid all-rounder for multimedia creative types.

Results for video exposure are very close to the best, with some slightly bright but acceptable target exposure measurements recorded in our lab analysis in most light conditions. So in bright and high-contrast conditions, expect to see a little clipping in the brightest highlights, but otherwise the OnePlus 7 Pro delivers some really nice video exposures. Video color is also very good, with pleasant rendering and vivid and well-saturated hues in most movie files.

As you can see from the lab measurement chart below, underexposure in extremely low light 5 lux reduces saturation, but otherwise color pops nicely. White balance is good as well, with generally accurate results in both outdoor and indoor movies, as well as fairly smooth adaptation under changing lighting conditions.

The OnePlus 7 Pro handles noise well generally, achieving good scores in our perceptual analyses of natural test scene videos both outdoors and indoors. The result can be somewhat distracting on playback, with a more obvious buildup of noise on moving subjects compared to static areas. Video autofocus is excellent, however, with scores up there with the best performers. It works well in all lighting conditions, with good reaction times ensuring quick lock-on, and accurate tracking capabilities for keeping things sharp as the camera or the subject moves.

The competition to deliver outstanding smartphone image quality shows no signs of abating, and with its latest flagship device, OnePlus has taken a significant step forward. Image quality is excellent for the main and tele cameras in almost all the categories we evaluate, which has ensured the OnePlus 7 Pro a spot among the top three in our database. With great scores across almost all test categories, you can be assured of outstanding photos and videos from the OnePlus 7 Pro in almost any situation.

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Updated: OnePlus 7 Pro camera review. Camera Selfie. The OnePlus 7 Pro delivers nice exposures in all lighting conditions. OnePlus 7 Pro, good fine detail preservation in outdoor shots. OnePlus 7 Pro, pleasant bokeh effect in Portrait mode.

How China Is Using “Social Credit Scores” to Reward and Punish Its Citizens

Exposure and Contrast OnePlus 7 Pro Color OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus 7 Pro, color rendering. Autofocus OnePlus 7 Pro Texture OnePlus 7 Pro Noise OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus 7 Pro, outdoor detail. OnePlus 7 Pro, crop. Huawei P30 Pro, outdoor detail.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera review (originally published May 14, 12222)

Huawei P30 Pro, crop. Apple iPhone XS Max, outdoor detail. Apple iPhone XS Max, crop. OnePlus 7 Pro, indoor noise.