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Remember me. Request new password. This has some radical and practical implications for our daily lives that we can easily miss. Many Christians do not have clarity in this area which can lead to making poor choices in their lives. This evening I want to do four things: Describe what a covenant is Talk about the Old Covenant Explain the New Covenant As I we are going through this I want to talk about how this affects our lives 1. What is a Covenant? DirectBuy the only things in our society which are like covenants are marriages and adoptions even they are not quite the same as a covenant We are going to read a passage from Genesis in a moment about God making a covenant with Abraham Before we read this passage, it might seem strange to you, but this was the common way of doing things when you made a covenant.

Old Covenant vs. New Covenant - The Crucial Differences

In ancient times, suppose a king went to war against another king of a smaller nation after a time the king surrendered The two kings would often make an agreement I will promise to pay you tribute of talents of gold every year I promise to be loyal to you The big king would promise to defend the small king against attackers Then they would cut some animals in pieces and the two of them would walk between the pieces What do you think the walking between the cut up animals symbolized? We see a mention of this in Jeremiah Where God is going to punish them for breaking the covenant by causing them to die like the animals.

The Old Covenant God made a covenant with the whole nation of Israel in Old Testament times He gave them a lot of laws and commandments If they kept them, then he would give them financial blessing health and long life lots of children If then broke them then He would punish them He would take away all the good things Ultimately the nation would be destroyed It was all based on their performance It was mostly external this is an oversimplification because mixed in with these laws were promises of a new covenant What does it mean to be living under the Old Covenant?

Against such there is no law. Someone has cataloged the commands in the N.

1. Covenants are the backbone of the biblical story.

Did Jesus have a higher standard? So do we end up replacing the OT laws with more and harder laws? Some teach that Jesus just gave us some more commands to add on to Moses, but that is a total misunderstanding The replacement for the law is not a new law, but a person , Jesus himself!!!! Goes far beyond a written list of rules Can we do it?

Not in our own strength, but Jesus is actually living in us through the Spirit. Her family started hostile, but stopped being antagonistic within days when they saw her change of life, and eventually were saved. Two ways of thinking: old heart legal or new heart: Here is a key idea: what has changed is not the law but our relationship to the law How does this make a difference in my life and your life on Monday morning? However, these covenants are almost always found in loan or bond documents.

What Is a Covenant?

When a bond is issued, the features of the bond are included in a document known as the bond deed or trust indenture. The trust indenture highlights the responsibilities of an issuer and is overseen by a trustee to protect the interests of investors.

The trust indenture also stipulates any negative covenants that the issuer must adhere to.

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For example, the negative covenant may restrict the ability of the firm to issue additional debt. Specifically, the borrower may be required to maintain a debt-equity ratio of no more than 1. The lending agreement or indenture in which the negative covenant appears will also provide detailed formulas, which may or may not conform to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP , to be used to calculate the ratios and limits on negative covenants.

Common restrictions placed on borrowers through negative covenants include preventing a bond issuer from issuing more debt until one or more series of bonds have matured. Also, a borrowing firm may be restricted from paying dividends over a certain amount to shareholders so as not to increase the default risk to bondholders, since the more money paid to shareholders the less available funds will be to make interest and principal payment obligations to lenders. Generally, the more negative covenants exist in a bond issue, the lower the interest rate on the debt will be since the restrictive covenants make the bonds safer in the eyes of investors.

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A negative covenant contrasts with a positive covenant , which is a clause in a loan agreement that requires the firm to take certain actions. For example, a positive covenant might require the issuer to disclose audit reports to creditors periodically or to insure its assets adequately. Finra Exams. Fixed Income Essentials.

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