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Getting into rock climbing can be intimidating, so a critical first step for any would-be climber is genuine desire. Climbing rock well demands an appropriate attitude, a commitment of mind and body.

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More in Sports. Denver ranks fourth in football with Broncos beat writer Ryan O'Halloran rates each of the Broncos position groups following the team's win at Los Angeles. And, if training in your chosen style ever gets tiresome, you can always move on to a different style that forces you to use your existing skill-set in a new way. To a certain degree, skill level is transferable between each style, so taking a break from one to try another can allow you to return stronger in the future. Despite being easy to make progress initially, the path to mastery in climbing is a long one.

The key is to keep advancements in physical strength, technique, and psychological strength balanced, and this has to happen over an extended period of time. The physical strength of tendons is paramount and takes much longer to train than muscles.

Technique must be honed over hundreds or thousands of repetitions of similar moves. Psychological strength must be gained by gradual familiarisation with the dangers of climbing, or else there is the risk of learning only stupidity. Although the path is long, the rewards are significant. Accomplished climbers ascend rock as though they are dancing.

Rock Climbing Wall Adventures - Make the most out of your climb!

They transfer their weight between each point of contact fluidly to maximise efficiency, create and conserve momentum precisely, and use strategic hand grips and foot placements with incredible accuracy. More often, climbers are exposed to a range of emotions: nervousness, terror, indecision, anger, frustration, relief, determination, focus, tenacity, and sheer joy are all part of the regular climbing experience. In short, climbing represents the entire human emotional spectrum. And, despite the undeniable presence of negative feelings that can and arise, those lows only serve to intensify the highs.

That climbing almost always ends on a high — thanks to the endorphins released from physical exertion and the mood-boosting effects of achieving goals — only makes it that much more addictive. Perhaps this is a root of the obsession with climbing? Regular users require steadily harder climbs to reach similar levels of gratification.

Whereas drug abuse causes addicts to become emancipated, nervous, and slow-minded, climbers become muscular, confident, and sharply in control of the movement of their bodies. The truth is, there are many reasons for the obsession with rock climbing. Climbing builds close relationships between people — travelling climbers find themselves welcomed into an inclusive community that transcends language and culture no matter where in the world they go.

The sport can be enjoyed across the generations, from childhood until old age, and its lessons in problem solving, courage, and mental strength are applicable across all areas of the human experience.

The Art of Rock Climbing: The Elements of Rock Climbing, by Robert Burbank

Ultimately, climbing can be whatever the climber wishes it to be; intense or relaxed, dangerous or safe, competitive or casual. It becomes a reflection of our mood, our personality; it can help to shape our entire attitude towards life. It has the potential to change us into better people physically, mentally, and socially. Whichever it is, climbing is really, really fun.

I was at the top of the last climb of the day, and this one had gone like a dream. The nightmare of my earlier nervous breakdown had become a distant memory, quickly forgotten. I began to set up an anchor for the rope, a series of points of protection in the rock that would catch my friends if they fell while climbing up to join me. I was totally immersed in the work, only partly sensing my adrenaline levels subside and my breathing return to normal.

If someone had asked me how long it had taken me to climb the route, I could only have guessed maybe 45 minutes. An hour, even? It had been hard, and I had shouted with the effort of some of the moves, taking long rests on solid holds before venturing across blank and complex faces.

As each move had been completed successfully, a new move had presented itself, and my brain had focused on that, and nothing else.


As my friend began to ascend, I sat by my anchor gathering the rope as it slackened through my belay device. In front of me lay the whole valley, a patchwork of green and yellow, cars like dots following a thin hedge-rowed road network, scale-model houses with windows that winked gently with reflections of the setting sun. My whole body was tired, but now I needed do nothing more than relax on the rock, enjoying the warmth trapped from heat of the day, filling my lungs with the sweet scents of the trees as the sky gradually turned a deep blue above me.

That night, we would drink wine. Christopher Drifter is a rock climber who loves writing, although he is still trying to get the hang of them both. Sign in. Get started.

What moves you?

Christopher Drifter Follow. Follow Christopher Drifter on Instragram to join in with his climbing adventures as they happen.

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Climbing has a lot to offer for the uninitiated. These giant naturalistic canvases immerse the climber in a truly dreamlike setting, and provide beginners and advanced climbers with a fun, timeless and inspirational climbing experience. Whether you are looking to provide an additional activity to your facility or build an entire indoor adventure park, PlayClimb can help you get there.

Everything You Need to Know Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

Augmented Climbing Wall combines projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to create interactive games and training applications. The games and applications make the training fun, motivate kids to move and give feedback to help you become a better climber. Augmented reality climbing is suitable for any skill level and age. No longer are you limited by geographic location to provide a natural rock climbing experience. We provide a fully functioning, durable, and rock walls for outdoor and indoor use. With our natural rock walls, you get a climbing experience that stays true to Mother Nature — but without the unpredictability of loose stones or jagged edges.