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When an atheist's Orthodox father dies, he is called upon by his mother and sisters to perform the Kaddish the prayer for the dead every day for 11 months. Extremely reluctant, he decides to hire someone through the title website to recite the Kaddish for him. Temple De Hirsch Sinai, free. Rachel Cusk: The Outline Trilogy Beginning with the "lethally intelligent" Heidi Julavits, NYT Outline , a British writer whose very presence induces people to confess their secrets copes with her own traumas and transitions.

Elliott Bay Book Company, 7 pm, free. Anne Lamott Anne Lamott's friendly, nonjudgmental, and vague brand of Christianity as encountered in her latest book Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy irritates many critics even as they praise her linguistic facility and approachability. But she wrote Bird by Bird , an indisputably great book, and she is funny as hell onstage. Ngg wa Thiong'o: Minutes of Glory In , Rich Smith wrote: "Ngg wa Thiong'o's name gets thrown into the ring every time the Nobel Prize committee convenes to select the year's winner.

And for good reason.

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After Phillips has read as well, the two will "discuss the ways in which their alt-lit zine backgrounds have influenced their writing. Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women 5 Author, zinester, and energetic literary event host Kate Berwanger presents this series. Karen Russell: Orange World and Other Stories Russell is cherished for creating fleshed-out characters in bizarre, magical-realist tales, a talent that should be fully on display in this new collection. Central Library, 7 pm, free.

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Loud Mouth Lit Writer and Stranger Genius Award winner Paul Mullin curates this "fresh, local, organically sourced" monthly literary event dedicated to "the amazing writers living in Seattle. Andrews Bar and Grill, 8 pm, free. Poetry of the Uncanny: GennaRose Nethercott and Sierra Nelson Rich Smith has written: "Nelson's work combines the scientific with the lyrical in ways that inject wonder back into both disciplines, and it's looking like the new book will be more of the same greatness.

Nelson will read from this book alongside Nethercott, who'll introduce you to her National Poetry Series-winning The Lumberjack's Dove. There will even be a cranky shadow puppet show to provide visual stimulation. Hugo House, 7 pm, free. Catherine Bresner, Sarah A. Open Books, 7 pm, free. Poems of Legacy, Poems of Transformation: Monica Youn with Shankar Narayan Rich Smith has called Youn "phenomenal," and he's far from the only one to recognize her genius: Youn has been a finalist for the National Book Award and the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, among many other prizes.

Sally Wen Mao: Oculus As the title suggests, Mao investigates the acts of seeing and being seen in her second book of poetry. In the New Yorker , Dan Chiasson called Oculus a "strange and morally succinct" book, and described her poems as "rangy, protean, contradictory. He is the author of Musica Humana, Dancing in Odessa , and most recently Deaf Republic , which addresses Russia and his own loss of hearing. Expect that to happen all over again with her new collection of poems from Tin House Books.

Again Parker centralizes the powers and paradoxes of Black womanhood, riffing off the work of other black artists and weaving them into her own life. But in most of the poems in this book, Parker lets the faucet loose a little, trusting repetition to ground the reader as she leaps down the page from association to association. Here she's funnier, sadder, raunchier. Nienow is a Port Townsender who's been published in many prestigious poetry journals and received many fellowships. Look no further than every single love poem in his book The New Testament , which rightly scooped up a bunch of awards for its lyrical beauty and its incisive and understandably cynical perspective on the potential for true racial justice in America.

Third Place Books Seward Park, 7 pm, free. Margin Shift A poetry reading series emphasizing the contributions of anyone who might normally be at the margins of the mainstream literary scene—"poets of color, LGBTQI poets, poets from out of town, poets who are new to town, women poets, undocumented poets, experimental writers whatever that might mean!

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Prolific, multi-award-winning Kress 33 novels to her name! Dick Award-nominated husband, Skillingstead, live in Seattle. John Lanchester: The Wall Lanchester's new novel compounds multiple contemporary anxieties—Brexit, climate change, the border wall—in one satire: A "Defender" of the concrete wall surrounding his nation tries to perform his duties repelling despairing outsiders imperiled by rising seas.

Cryogenically frozen outcasts from the '80s are defrosted in , only to find that their nerdy brethren have taken over the world. Folk singer Bryan John Appleby will play some original tunes. Ted Chiang: Exhalation The lauded recent sci-fi film Arrival was based on Chiang's short, "Story of Your Life," which combined a gorgeously nerdy and profound examination of alien grammar with a sad and equally profound exploration of love and fate.

Which is to say, Chiang is a genius, and "Story of Your Life" should be viewed as a gateway to his body of literature, not a companion to Denis Villeneuve's admittedly pretty cool movie. Neal Stephenson It feels like Neal Stephenson has been around forever—or at least for as long as I've been reading sci-fi, cyberpunk, and speculative fiction. He's won numerous awards, made the New York Times best seller list several times, and will be in town behind his latest, Fall; Or Dodge in Hell , a sci-fi thriller about an afterlife of sorts in which humans continue to exist as digital souls.

Stoked Spoke Adventure Series Presents: Women, Trans and Femme Riders in Early Cycling History Visual artist, comic, writer, and adventurer Tessa Hulls has biked solo all over the planet, rolling over approximately 14, miles of paved road and donkey trail. No matter where she went on her long rides, she always heard the same thing from passersby: "You know, a woman can't travel alone.

After digging up tons of primary source material about female-identified bikers of yore, she's now out on a lecture tour to show that she can travel alone, thank you very much. And what's more, she's following in a long but undersung tradition of women adventurers who used a two-wheeler to fight for their rights. Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama The former first lady hits town behind Becoming , which focuses on different aspects of her life, from being a mother, to her time in the White House, and her role as a public-health figure.

There's no doubt that Michelle will drop cute facts about her relationship with Barack, tell a few candid details about what it's like to be at the top, and wear something completely and utterly stunning. She grew up surrounded by bikers, crime and violence. Two years ago she walked away from her family and the world they live in. She picked up the pieces and put herself back together. Now her family wants her back. The club is being threatened and they send a club member to return her home to safety; the one person that could destroy everything she has worked so hard to build.

Madison and Jason are brought back together by a force out of their control; one that pushes them to a breaking point.

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Can they overcome their past and discover a love worth fighting for or will the harsh reality of their world finally and completely break them both? About the Author:. Cindy M. Filed under , Cindy M. Mission Accomplished Genre: Contemporary. But, above all, remind yourself that young motherhood is a time of enchantment, despite the very real challenges, and a love story, at least towards the children. Charlotte Pearson was born in Leicester in and lived with her parents, both teachers and younger brother, Sam. After completing her studies at Lutterworth Grammar School, in she was accepted to Keele University to study Sociology, Applied Social Studies and later completing a masters in International Relations.

She also spent time at the University of Kyoto, Japan.

Charlotte now lives in North Wales with her partner and three children. Charlotte wrote Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished whilst pregnant with her third child and is currently writing the sequel. Connect with Charlotte:. Releasing October 1st Blurb:. Burdened by her uncontrollable urges, Jolene struggles to live with a sexual dysfunction so harsh it consumes her entirely.

But when she starts receiving strange letters she suspects the worst. Someone saw her in a compromising situation. But what did they see?

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And what do they want? And how the hell did they find her? Contact Info for Lourdes Bernabe.

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I kept my eyes on the threesome on screen. The bud helped to get things moving and I wanted Eric to join me. He got up from the bed and come over to my side but he held something in his hand. As he came closer it gleamed and shock ran through me. It was a knife. The one I received just recently. What could I say? I felt clueless as to how to respond. I was panic stricken and I wondered how much of it he was able to pick up on. I pulled myself up to a sitting position on the bed and quickly grabbed it from his hand.

The sharp edge of the knife glimmered in his direction.

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I was stalling, unsure of my next move. I saw a box and opened it. Why the fuck do you have this? When did you get it? His thoughts began to settle and I saw fear. And that fear tormented me. The last thing I ever wanted was for Eric to be afraid of me. I enjoyed toying with him sexually, yes.